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Prodigy 3, a faith-based company that’s committed to the freedom of expression and representation of persons who are proudly serving GOD.  The brand name PRODIGY comes from a young man named Cameron Fry, whom one day while participating in a Cancer awareness spirit week school function, had a revelation about how he could make an impact on his fellow classmates, school staff and eventually the world. Hence in 2017 the name Prodigy 3 was born. 


A Prodigy is “a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities, talents and abilities, all of which Cameron possess.” After participating in his school’s Cancer awareness event, Cameron proceeded home excited, motivated and inspired to learn, help and try to find a way to aid in Cancer research support for those affected with the disease.  Armed now with this prophetic vision and God’s approval, he discussed with his parents the idea of creating a brand that encompasses his beliefs in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit which are symbolized by the “3” dots over the brand name of Prodigy.

A percentage of the proceeds will go towards his chosen cancer research charity.